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Edwin Felter is a singer, songwriter, educator and engineer who was born in Nambe Pueblo, where he continues to live and work. Felter’s love for music was born from and continues to grow through traditional songs and his cultural environment. Felter explores multiple genres, with hip-hop and rap at the forefront and the source of his inspiration coming from artists such as Elvis, David Lee Roth, Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. Felter intends to continue to maximize his own understanding and experience in sound and style, and encourages other young artists to do the same. A large part of Felter’s time is dedicated to the Lightning Boy Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Northern New Mexico that provides traditional hoop dance instruction and other dance programming to youth ages 2 and up. The organization’s mission is dedicated to nurturing and building confidence and integrity through culture and artistic expression. Edwin is the singer for the group and travels with them as they tour. In addition to his music and work for the community, Edwin has a Bachelor’s of Engineering in electromechanical engineering and enjoys teaching STEM workshops and concepts throughout New Mexico Public Schools as a member of the NNMC Mentor Collective at Northern New Mexico College. Currently he is the Tewa Language Teacher at the Pojoaque Valley Schools where he encourages the Native youth of Northern New Mexico to nurture their Native roots and preserve the Tewa language.


Edwin wrote, composed, produced and mixed each of the songs on both the Lightning Boy Album and Nakotah and donated to the Lightning Boy Foundation. Lyrics are all original, written and sung in the Tewa Language. 



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